2013 MarCom Awards Opens August 1

The competition is designed for the convenience of the entrant. You have the option of entering online and uploading your entries or sending in entry forms with entries.
>Print entry form.

If you send in your entries, please attach a copy of Form A to each entry. Submit only one copy of each entry. There are no special binders, or matting requirements. A digital version of a print entry is acceptable. If an entry is too large, a photo will suffice. Since each entry is judged on its own merits, no accompanying materials are necessary for most categories. In a few designated categories where a plan is involved, submit whatever you produced for your client (whether internal or external). If the plan or report is not available, submit a brief summary of objectives, challenges and solutions. Audio, video, print or web entries may be uploaded or submitted on CD or DVD, or write a web location on the entry form below the title of entry. Multiple entries may be submitted on the same CD or DVD. Most formats are acceptable.

An entry may be submitted in more than one category at an additional cost. However it is not necessary to send an additional copy for each category.

Platinum winning entrants who submit digital entries online will have the opportunity to have their work displayed in our online winner’s gallery if they grant permission on the online entry form.

There are over 200 categories in a broad range of categories under Print Marketing, Strategic Communications and Electronic/Social/Interactive Media. See Categories, here.